One of the country's most successful advocacy organizations, the CRFA is comprised of representatives from renewable fuel producing companies, fuel technology providers, industry technology and equipment suppliers, car manufacturers, petroleum producers and industry feedstock suppliers. The association is governed by a board of directors.

There are many benefits to becoming involved in the association. The CRFA is the united voice for the renewable fuels industry in Canada. We provide critical information to our members and supporting organizations, to governments and to the public, promoting the economic and environmental benefits of Biofuels while helping to guide important research into the next generation of renewable fuels.

We also represent Ethanol and Biodiesel interests at meetings of governmental task forces, commissions, committees and other important gatherings. And we organize and participate in seminars and conferences, using these platforms to tell the story of Canadian Biofuels and their critical role in our future energy security, environmental health and economic prosperity.

If your organization is involved in the renewable fuels industry, you should consider joining our team. The CRFA achieves results.

For more information or to join the CRFA please contact Deborah Elson, Vice President of Membership, Stakeholder Relations and Industry Promotions at or call 613-594-5528. ext 223.

CRFA Member Companies and Supporting Organizations

CRFA Full Members

biox enerkem greenfieldethanol
IGPC neste Shell
Rothsay Biodiesel


CRFA Associate Members


argus media

Grain Farmers  kawartha ethanol leaf technologies



midwest agenergy group

terra grain fuels




CRFA Supporting Organizations

arcade Canada Clean Fules Eco Energy
fs partners Furst-McNess
  fs stone
NAC Logo



pixel dreams



west coast reduction